Digital Microproteinuria/Microalbuminuria Estimation Device

SCINTIGLOTM is a novel, smart point-of-care device set to transform India and the world by providing enhanced reliability, accuracy in clinical decisions and affordable diagnostic support to the people. The device suffices the unmet need of the masses by providing accurate, reliable, convenient door-step yet economic urinary microalbumin/microprotein estimation and helps in bringing accuracy in clinical decision making for the early signs of kidney damage and many more diseases. The device has applications in the remotest areas of the globe and can be integrated with networks providing real clinical value and regulatory oversight.

Microalbuminuria/Albuminuria/Proteinuria is precursor for many serious complications of kidneys and cardio-vascular system in diseases such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Pre- clampsia, Urinary Tract Infections, and many more.

Why Scintiglo?

Proteins are essential part of a body that help in normal functioning of body by operating and regulating various life processes. Kidneys filter out waste product out of the blood to form urine. Albumin and other proteins being larger molecules are not filtered out into urine. Healthy urine does not contain proteins but when they leak into the urine, they indicate a disease state. Microalbuminuria is a small increase in the level of urine albumin in the range of 2mg-20mg/100ml. Beyond 20mg albumin/100ml, the condition worsens and as called as frank albuminuria or albuminuria. Normally, the kidneys retain albumin, so if albumin is found in the urine, then it is a marker of kidney disease.

Healthcare Alert!

Scintiglo: A Global Solution

  • A non-strip-based test device with accuracy of more than 95%
  • Provides instant results within 2–3 seconds
  • Data logging and two-way communication is possible via onboard Bluetooth connectivity and a smart phone application for online report generation
  • Can be implemented for
    1. Pathology labs
    2. Spot screening by doctors
    3. Bedside monitoring in hospitals
    4. At-home monitoring
  • Printing facility by a thermal printer (accessory)
  • Stable reagent (Does not require refrigeration)



We had to send the samples to Indore previously and got results the next day, now we are doing the test here itself and can get instant results for our patients.

Dr. Nilesh Wadhwani Ratlam Diagnostics Ratlam

This is the need of the hour.

Dr. Vimarsh Raina Leading Pathologist and owner of a large Onco-Pathology lab in New Delhi

We missed many patients getting a Microalbumin test done so with this device we can ensure the patients getting themselves tested more economically and effectively immediately.

Dr. Bharat Saboo Practicing Diabetologist, Prayas Diabetes Center Indore